Somewhere in France

Somewhere in France

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Regina Nurse Mystery

Hello again. I thought I'd start my August posts with a mystery. I have recently acquired a photograph of a Canadian nursing sister. It was taken in Regina at the Rossie studio. There is no evidence of who the nurse is. The only clue is that her photograph was included with a Christmas card from an Olive Peacock to a Frank Bellamy. However, no nurse by the name of Olive Peacock appears to have enlisted in the CAMC. Any help in identifying this nurse would be gratefully received.

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  1. A quick look at BC Archives helped to fill in the story a little.

    Olive Peacock marr Robert Wolston Croft in 1915 at Fernie

    Frank Bellamy (served in WWI ) marr to Dorothy Fripp in 1919 Vancouver. She was a nurse

    The Canadian Nurse Vol 34

    On April 1, 1938 the death occurred, after a lengthy illness, of Mrs. Dorothy (Fripp) Bellamy. Mrs. Bellamy was a graduate of the School of Nursing of St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, B. C.

    My money is on the photo being a picture of Dorothy. not listed online as a war nurse though.

    Riverview / Essondale Hospital researcher..
    Lest we forget. Cheers