Somewhere in France

Somewhere in France

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

News and Views on First World War Nurses

I've been on the run the past few months and haven't noted some of the correspondence I've been receiving regarding this blog. I want to acknowledge the helpful input of Dr. Stephen Davies, the Project Director of the Canadian Letters and Images Project, a site that hosts a wealth of wonderful images and letters written by Canadians during the First World War. If you haven't visited that site, do check it out-- Recently, Stephen sent me a correction for a photo I posted. I thought it belonged to NS Munro, but in fact, it belonged to a Margaret Munro who was engaged to Canadian soldier Wellington Murray Dennis, who was killed in 1918. My apologies for that mistake--I have taken the image off of the blog. Thanks Stephen!

I've also received correspondence from Anne Douglas, a descendant of Carola Douglas. Anne is doing a lot of research into Carola's life and will send us an update in the near future.

Finally, through researcher Tighe McManus and Annette Fulford, I've had contact with Todd Tifft, whose grandfather was Robert Hastings Miller, a Sgt. in the A.E.F. 641st Aero Supply Squadron. Robert was stationed at the 3rd Aviation Instruction Center at Issoudun, France. He also kept a photo album which is now in Todd's hands. In that album are photos of the grave of Marion Overend, a Canadian who served as a nursing sister in the American Military Nursing Corps. I wrote about Marion in an earlier blog, and Todd has kindly given me permission to reproduce the photos of Marion's grave--likely taken soon after her funeral. As Todd writes: "The grave is for Canadian Nursing sister Marion L. Overend who died in an airplane crash at the 3rd Air Instruction Center at Issoudun, France. An unnamed Captain was seriously injured in this crash. Almost all of the A.E.F. soldiers attended this funeral. Marion must have been quite brave and adventurous to have gone for a ride in one of these aircraft. I would guess that all nurses were held in high esteem by the doughboys serving in France and the tragic loss of Marion would have touched them deeply." Thanks Todd for sharing your photos with Finding the Forty-Seven!

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  1. "Over the Front" magazine in the next issue will be posting a major article about the fatal plane crash of Nursing Sister Marion L. Overend. Steve Ruffin and I have worked together to research and compose this informative article.